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We need a few good men and women to carry the good name of
STREAM ENGINE STUDIOS. Requirements: must be awesome.

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Adventure awaits.
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What's it like to work for STREAM ENGINE STUDIOS?

We're a small company, but that doesn't mean we're pushovers. Not only do we want to work with the best performers in the industry, we also want to build a future with the most promising minds in the country. We want STREAM ENGINE STUDIOS to be a great animation company, and that starts with you.

Here's the coolest thing about it: no bosses. No glass ceilings, no restrictions, no limits. We let you be YOU. We'll give you the creative freedom to be the best you can be – but we’ll still expect only the best from you. No slacking off. Nobody slacks off at STREAM ENGINE STUDIOS.

If you think you're perfect for us, send us a message and let us know why we should love you. A short resume and a quick portfolio reel is all we need. Send them over to apply@streamenginestudios.com and we'll check them out right away.