About Stream Engine Studios

Who We Are

Stream Engine Studios is a digital media production company that specializes in Explainer Videos. We are an out-of-the-box studio located in the busy concrete jungles of the Ortigas Business District. Our mission is to become a leading force in the animation industry through our creativity and passion for storytelling.

Excellence Through Explainer Videos: What We Do and Why We Do It

Led by creativity, disciplined by strategy and equipped with technology, our goal is to create online content that will inspire and move people.

At Stream Engine Studios, we tell stories through animation. We work with startups and enterprises in bringing their ideas to life, while ensuring that utmost customer satisfaction is met. We strive to make a mark in the global creative industry by making world-class Explainer Videos.



Stream Engine Studios prides itself in its fun but grounded approach to art and communication. Starting with humble beginnings in 2012, the studio made its name in the tech scene by providing animation services for some of the country’s brightest startups. Since then, the team has grown into a pioneering powerhouse in digital media production.

With hundreds of videos and clients in the Philippines and abroad, Stream Engine Studios continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year.


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