July 15, 2015 PERSIST. Posted In: Inspiration, Stream of Thought

Pixar animator Austin Madison reminds us here at Stream Engine Studios that the art is always well worth the work.

Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time to check out our website! We’re a very young group, out to try and make a dent in the world, so I hope you guys support us.

The blog will detail a lot about our experiences here in Stream Engine, from its conception to our daily challenges. Every now and then we will also share some industry tips and secrets from external sources such as other blogs. Whatever we think will benefit you, the reader.

Allow me to share with you a 2-page open letter written by Pixar Animator Austin Madison. In it, he advises everyone to work through the 97% of crap we have to put up with so we can get to that 3% of excellence. He even prints the word PERSIST in all capitals. It’s a good read especially for those who are in need of a push.

I hope that helps. Again, thanks for all your support. Wish us luck as we push this thing into another level!


— Gino