February 20, 2013 Firing On All Cylinders! Posted In: Stream of Thought

Greetings and Salutations, Stream Punks!

It’s been a while since we updated this blog, but that isn’t because we don’t love you. On the contrary, we haven’t been updating this blog because we’re  busy creating more cool things to show you!

 First Anniversary + New Projects!

Stream Engine Studios is a year old! (huzzah!) The past year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs but we’ve managed to come out on top every time and from where we are right now there’s nowhere to go but up!

But more on our anniversary later. We are however working on something pretty huge right now. We can’t really talk about what it is, but its safe to say that this project has been long overdue. We’ve had this one in the back of our heads ever since we can remember, and we’re happy to say that it’s finally close to fruition. To tide you over until the release of this new project of ours, here’s a little teaser!


stream engine website poster 11x17-01

Something kick-ass this way comes!

We’re happy to reveal that we  have partnered with Kickstart and LaunchGarage in giving 10 startups these pretty little things!!


Presenting the limited edition, Stream Certificates!

These Stream Certificates entitle the bearer to  animated video which is pretty awesome in and of itself, but the fact that they entitle you to a video makes it twice as awesome!

These certificates were given to the 10 startups that Kickstart has funded. Which 10 startups are these you ask? Check out this article from the Bobbery to find out! 🙂


Next Stop: Valentines!

So it’s no news that Valentines day has come and gone, and in keeping with the Valentines day tradition, we decided to embark on a little project in collaboration with our friend, Alexis Ventura of InkScribbler.com.

Together, The Noble Stream and Alexis have created a short video with a very simple yet heart warming message that is sure to tug your heart strings, make you smile and give you this warm and cozy feeling inside.

Notes: A Stream Engine Studios x Inkscribbler Valentines Day Special

This was yet another of our quick projects, with everything from conceptualization to the actual finished product finished in roughly a weeks time 🙂

and that’s what we’ve been up to these past few weeks! Funny thing is, that’s actually just the tip of the entire iceberg of things that we’ve been working on as of late.  There’s a boatload more of things that we’re revealing soon,  so stay tuned! 🙂